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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Neon.3 Update Problems: To Fix and How to Fix?

On Fri, 2017-03-31 at 11:14 +0200, Ed Merks wrote:
> As another data point, if I install the egg-laying-wool-milk-pig for
> Neon.3.  The following happens.  I'm prompted to accept this license:
> Red Hat, Inc. licenses these features and plugins to you under
> certain open source licenses (or aggregations of such licenses),
> which in a particular case may include the Eclipse Public License,
> the GNU Lesser General Public License, and/or certain other open
> source licenses. For precise licensing details, consult the
> corresponding source code, or contact Red Hat, Attn: General Counsel,
> 100 East Davie St., Raleigh NC 27601 USA.
> I'm not sure how this license slipped into the release train.  
> Aren't there checks for this?  (Sorry to digress, but this is also
> unacceptable.)

It appears to be coming from
e.html but I guess the point is if we ran even a basic install on the
content, this would have been caught much earlier.

> Orbit Issues
> 1) Respinning Linux Tools against Oxygen Mx seems to miss the point
> that we should only distribute released versions of bundles,  so no
> Neon build should redistribute any unreleased version of anything. 
> If a new version of something is needed for security reasons or other
> reasons, it should be released first.  And doing that in a
> maintenance train without testing the overall impact is clearly
> something we should never do again (without waving a bunch of red
> flags of warning).  And as Martin Oberhuber asks, is nothing in place
> to check for this?

I think this goes back to having proper branching to prevent things
that have problems (and meant for Oxygen) from getting into a stable
release and more thorough testing of how various plugins coexist when
installed. I could also make sure to be more explicit about where
certain milestone builds can and can't be used.

Roland Grunberg

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