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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] [] Neon.3 Update Problems

> Also, I'd like to add that SimRel seems to be missing integration tests
> covering basic user stories. At this point, it might be more fruitful to
> invest in automated tests for SimRel than to brainstorm about best
> processes.

+1 as mentioned earlier and less eloquently:

> But as far as checks against the finished packages go, how about an integration test suite that simrel projects can contribute their own test bundles to and that runs against the finished packages? Relying solely on manual labor in the form of the great work of our package maintainers (and hopefully testers in all the participating projects) seems a bit anachronistic. I would expect a rather simple test to be that all bundles in all packages can actually start (maybe with an exception list for a few special cases). And projects could add smoke tests to check that their basic functionality works, thus detecting cross-project integration issues with otherwise unrelated release train projects automatically.

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