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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] [] Neon.3 Update Problems

> On 31. Mar 2017, at 05:38, David Williams <david_williams@xxxxxxx> wrote:

>> I think there is also another thing to consider. IMHO projects should stop hard-pinning specific 3rd party versions in the feature.xml -
> This makes builds and installs non-deterministic.

I think our builds are non-deterministic now, i.e. there is no predictability what versions of a 3rd party bundle will be in a package and there is also zero predictability which Equinox will pick at runtime for resolving dependencies. Keep in mind that features are for assembling/installation but they have zero influence on the runtime resolution. 

That's why I'm proposing to defer the decision, what gets put into a package, to the package build time. We test packages not individual projects. 

Also, there are many projects that declare they require bundle XYZ with a minimum version of 1.2.3 in their dependencies. At the same time they also indicate that they are happy with any higher version. Thus, the argument that projects only run/support with a very specific version does not hold true. They may test with only one very specific version. They are - however - not very specific about that in their bundle dependency declaration. 


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