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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] [] Neon.3 Update Problems

On 03/31/2017 07:47 AM, Alexander Nyßen wrote:
I have asked that several times already, but why do we allow individual projects to contribute Orbit bundles to simrel anyway? If the simrel aggregator would pull in the required Orbit bundles alone, it would have full control over which versions are bundled. Projects might yet bundle them in their own repositories (in dedicated features that are not promoted to the simrel aggregator), but IMHO even that could be avoided if the pointed to a respective simrel repository, from which to pull in third-party dependencies.
We're diverging but IMHO, the root cause is the legacy of features that had to *include* their dependencies to optimize their chance to work before p2 existed, Now there's been p2 for a long time and  this is not necessary to incude deps in features, p2 will install them anyway. Dependencies can be in the repo for easier distribution, not in the feature.
The general rule would be "don't include in your feature what's not your project". It's a rule that works great, but there's nothing in our processes, UI nor build tools that enforces or even recommends it.
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