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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Projects that have not (AFAICT) declared participation in Oxygen

Le 19/01/2017 à 16:42, Wayne Beaton a écrit :

I am assuming that the combined Eclipse EMF Query/Transaction/Validation and Eclipse GMF Runtime/Notation are participating and will update the participation list just as soon as the dust settles on the project restructurings involved.

Yes, that's the intent. The GMF Runtime/Notation part is in progress. The EMF Query/Transaction/Validation part is waiting for trademark approval as technically we'll be creating a new project ("EMF Services") to hold what is currently spread in 3 separate ones.

I expect that the restructuring operations will not have any immediate impact on the build (all the technical artifacts will remain in their current locations).

The versions currently contributed are the ones released for Neon (1.10 for every project/component involved), which should be fine. For M5 we'll stay with the Neon versions. For M6 the version will probably move to 1.11 if that's OK (it's what Anthony intended, see for example [1]). Even though the actual code has not changed significantly for years, Anthony used to bump the version every year and I'll follow that practice.




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