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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Projects that have not (AFAICT) declared participation in Oxygen


We are currently looking for future proof solutions to secure EMF Transaction, Validation,  GMF Notation and GMF Runtime as part of the release train.

Wayne, you told us that we could envision a solution where administrative burden is kept to a minimum by merging those projects, I rolled with this idea and then reached out to the GMF runtime team (Aurelien Pupier, Vikas Chandra) which is OK for proceeding to such a merge and to become commiters in this "merged project.”  Pierre-Charles is willing to lead the project, Michael Golubev is also willing to give a hand at least during Oxygen + SRs cycle.  This project could also include EMF Query if anybody consume it as this is very very small and has virtually no specific dependency.

That would be a project with at least four people from different organization in the position to maintain it. The objectives are: meeting the release train requirements,  keeping the artifacts separately consumable and the occasional bug fix.

From a pure technical perspective these contributions are already in the repository and meeting the expected constraints, Wayne: is that good enough as a declaration of intent to participate in Oxygen for those projects?



Le 14/12/2016 à 21:07, Wayne Beaton a écrit :
According to my records, the following projects have not yet declared their intent to participate in our Oxygen Simultaneous Release. The deadline to state your intention to participate is this Friday, December 16/2016.

If your project is listed below, please take immediate steps to declare your intent to participate. The process is described in the Planning Council's documentation [1] and in the Eclipse Committer Handbook [2]. If you really are planning to drop out of the simultaneous release, please also let us know.
  • Xpand
  • Thym
  • Maven Integration for Web Tools Platform
  • Lua Development Tools (LDT)
  • Subversive - SVN Team Provider
  • Eclipse Paho
  • Andmore - Eclipse Android Tooling
  • Accessibility Tools Framework
  • Java Workflow Tooling
  • Eclipse Gyrex Project
  • ATL - A Model Transformation Technology
  • Data Tools Platform
  • Graphical Modeling Framework (GMF) Tooling
  • Graphical Modeling Framework (GMF) Notation
  • Graphical Modeling Framework (GMF) Runtime
  • EMF Transaction
  • EMF Validation
  • EMF Query
If a project that you depend on is on this list, please make that concern known as well. I know that we have some staffing challenges on a handful of these, so it will be valuable to know who cares about something that is missing.

Note that I did add EMF Validation and Query to the list based on the description in the release records. AFAICT, the project teams have not formally declared.

I've updated the dates on the wiki page [3]
  • December 16/2016 - Opt-in deadline
  • February 17/2017 - CQ Submission deadline (specify that the CQ is required for Oxygen)
  • May 24/2017 - IP Log submission deadline
  • May 31/2017 - Review materials due
  • June 7/2017 - First round of release reviews (aim for this date if you can)
  • June 21/2017 - Second (final?) round of release reviews
  • June 28/2017 - Eclipse Oxygen GA
Please pay special attention to the CQ deadline to give the IP Team a fighting chance of getting all the required CQs processed. If you know that you're going to be coming in late with some third-party dependencies, please contact emo-ip-team@xxxxxxxxxxx to let them know.



Wayne Beaton
The Eclipse Foundation

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