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[cross-project-issues-dev] Neon M7 is available

The M7 repository has been added to the composite at .../releases/neon.
It now contains M5, M6, and M7.
Be sure to report if there are any issues due to that "combination" of features.

Many EPP packages are available from the "Developer Builds" tab os Eclipse's downloads, namely

But, there are quite a few that are still waiting for +1's from the package maintainers. We expect them to come rolling in later today or Monday.

Remember, If you (or your users) have an M6 version of an EPP package installed, it should "update" to M7, but if you have anything earlier than M6, you will need to get a fresh install due to structural changes in the packages that were made in M6.

Thanks to everyone who help get this significant milestone done. Including contributors, testers, committers, and the Eclipse Foundation's IT and IP teams.

From here on, for the "RC phase", please "ramp down" according to your project's conventions and procedures so that changes are minimized and stability is increased.

Thanks again,

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