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[cross-project-issues-dev] What has the Planning Council done now?

Not near as much as the title implies, but thought that title would catch your attention. :) This is primarily a "keeping everyone informed" note.

We did, at our last meeting, officially agree on the Milestone dates, RC dates, and release date for Neon.

If you do not recall, all we had currently agreed to only the first four milestones, for this calendar year. Once we made some high-level decisions about the Neon (and remaining Mars) update releases, it was clear the remaining milestone dates for Neon should have a similar pattern as previous years.  That is what we have put in our plan [1].

For the table version, see the Neon Plan schedule [2]. I will be updating the calendar [3] later this week.

A bit off topic, but if anyone uses RSS (XML feeds) for the Google Calendar, you have to change soon, by mid-November. I received a notice of this since I own some calendars there. If you did not get a notice, and if you would like to read about it and alternatives to use instead, see their support note [4] or, you could just google for it. :)

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In case you have not heard this before, we are considering three Neon update releases, instead of two?

While we have not made a firm decision, nor exact dates, we have tentatively planned for three update releases for Neon, rather than the traditional two that we have done since forever. They would be approximately equally spaced, one per quarter, at around the same time as Neon-Plus-One milestones 2, 4, and 6, in other words, around September, December, and March. We will have final decisions and dates by mid-November.

I thought I'd give this "early warning" in case this change concerns or effects anyone in ways we do not know. If so, then you would still have time to talk to your Planning Council representative before our next meeting, November 11. You could ask them "why haven't you told us about this yet?" :)  More seriously, please let them know your concerns, or what you want to get out of it. We are making this change since there have been some general requests to allow more frequent opportunities for people to provide new features or bug fix releases to their users.  It does imply some amount of extra work for each project on the release train, but, we think not too much -- depending on what the project wants to release.

To continue being serious, if you do have any questions, concerns, or compliments, please discuss with your PMC, Strategic member company, or directly to your Planning Council representative. I am just giving notice here, not asking for a large group discussion.

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Perhaps not as interesting at the above, we also decided to codify officially in our plan, the principle we followed at the end of Mars.1:

A rebuild during the quiet, final week before a release implies an automatic slip of one week for the official, simultaneous release date.

I just wanted to point that out, so everyone would know about that constraint in the future, no one would be surprised, and we would all have the same expectations during that final week. In other words, just keeping you informed.

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Thanks for reading,


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