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[cross-project-issues-dev] An apology to some, and a request to all ... please keep b3aggrcon files up to date.

I apologize if you were one of those that got spammed by several "build failed" messages Sunday night (Eastern) that did not make sense. That was the result of me "restoring" a test server and jobs running before I had time to customize them to not send mail. I think many such messages were stopped by spam filters, but not sure all of them were.

My request: please make sure you keep your b3aggrcon files up to date, especially in the Mars_maintenance branch.  Several of those still refer to release candidate locations, which people have removed, or moved to release locations. So, there are several "real" (not spam) failures. It seems Neon (master) has a few similar errors. From some auto-reply messages I have been getting, may people are on vacation ... so, I hope in those cases there are backup people who can correct -- so if you are a "backup", please don't just assume the primary person will handle it.

To help everyone achieve this goal -- of always being able to aggregate -- I have added a weekly, "periodic", aggregation to Mars (Mars_maintenance) and Neon (master). They are both Monday mornings, one at 8:15 and one at 9:15 (Eastern).

So, starting Monday morning (Eastern) if you get a "build failed" message, please pay attention to it and correct the problem (or, ask for help if you don't understand why its failing).


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