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[cross-project-issues-dev] Belated heads-up, if you use Tycho, and the tycho-eclipserun-plugin and want to move to M2

As part of Tycho's eclipserun plugin, you need to specify a repository for Tycho (and p2) to fetch components from. Tycho starts off with a minimal set, and then you can add more IUs for constructing a minimal "eclipse runtime" that is needed for your task.

In M2, we introduced a bug that causes some "minimal sets" of bundles to not run.

We in our platform builds discovered this problem, (bug 478984 [1]) and now I have heard of another project that has hit the same problem (WTP, in bug 479805 [2] ) so I thought best to warn others.

The easiest fix is to use, instead of M2, the first I build with the fix, I20151006-0800. I recommend that one, simply because it is closest to M2 and it has been used successfully for this task. You never can tell, subsequent I-builds might have other bugs. :/

I could not reproduce the problem with a minimal pom, and a minimal eclipserun task (using antRunner with a "Hello World" ant task) so it might not always occur, but we've seen it with producing JavaDoc, and for the generation API descriptions.

The issue might very well manifest itself in other situations (other than building) where a "minimal set" of components are crafted.

Thanks for reading and apologies for the bug and this late notification of it.


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