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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Joint N&N page for the release train

Okay. Avoidance of more work is a requirement. Forget all that silliness about a common XML file format and putting extra files in features.


On 02/02/15 10:03 AM, Daniel Megert wrote:
For us it would mean more work, which I'd like to avoid. Having one document easily allows to tools to e.g. check for XHTML validity, and help fix such issues. If the document is generated out of pieces, then it can be a tedious task to get to a generated document that is valid. The extension point doc is such an example: the text for the elements is entered in the extension point editor in separate fields, and during build a document is generated. If there are errors, it's hard to detect and fix them. Also, spell checking a single document is easier than doing the same over different fragments.

Another point is, that the N&N of a release is not simply the collection of the milestone N&Ns. We e.g. put the new Quick Fixes under one item for the release, or a feature that got developed over several milestones with entries in the corresponding milestone N&Ns will have to be collapsed into a single entry.

I'd like to keep our approach for our project, since it works well for us, and produces good quality N&N documents. If other projects want to try out something new where the N&N is generated, and provide feedback about how it worked for them, that's of course fine for me too.


Wayne Beaton
The Eclipse Foundation

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