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[cross-project-issues-dev] Joint N&N page for the release train

Greetings cross-projects,

I’d like to get your thoughts about a joint N&N page for Mars Milestones.

The platform maintains a N&N page [1] for changes on the Platform/JDT/PDE. All press releases, blogs and tweets about new milestones are pointing to this page and as such it is the most prominent place to present new features, what’s new and upcoming in Eclipse.

However, IMHO there are much more noteworthy things to talk about. For instance, the addition of the automated error reporting in all EPP packages is such a noteworthy item but it cannot be published on that page because it does not belong to the SDK. I guess many projects have interesting N&N as well. While larger projects with a community/ popular webpage will certainly write a blog post about their new features. Smaller ones with no prominent website or large community lack such a space. In addition, bloggers etc. will certainly not browse all project blogs to find all N&Ns. 

Thus I wonder whether we should have a joint N&N page for the whole release train where every participating project could put, say, up to 3 items per Milestone release with a picture and a short paragraph (as the SDK already does).

What do others think?


P.S.: FWIW, every EPP package download page *has* a N&N link in the side menu where EPP packages can add their N&N links. However, it’s not used much and likely is not very popular (at least I assume that b/c I noticed it the very first time today).

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