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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Updates on Automated Error Reporting: Started with Mars M2

Hi Marcel,

Thank you for this promising initiative!

Two thoughts came up:

1) It's too difficult (or too unintuitive) to opt out. Of course I'm crossing my fingers that many Eclipse users will opt in, but for the remainder of the community it might be too disruptive to find the third choice in the forth control of a rather complex wizard page. What about a simple Yes/No dialog prior to all the more complicated choices for those users who chose to opt in? Maybe together with a hint for where in the preferences they can change their mind later.

2) Users who frequently create new installations or workspaces might find it annoying that the wizard keeps popping up even though they've said No before (but in different workspaces). What about storing that initial choice somewhere under ${user.home}/.eclipse/org.eclipse.errortool/ and respect it in all workspaces?

If you're interested, we can also discuss to add the question "Enable Error Reporting?" to our brand new Welcome Questionnaire in Oomph:



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