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[cross-project-issues-dev] Unneeded maven artifacts when building features with maven-tycho


I was debugging today a problem why one of our e4+JavaFX RCP products
failed to be packaged with InnoSetup and found out that the problem
causeing thing are artificial artifacts generated by maven-tycho.

For plug-ins this maven extra data most of the time does not cause any
troubles because they are rarely exploded hence deep nested file
structures are not that much of a problem but for features it can really
cause pain (on windows).

After having fixed the problem with the help of I took a short look
into my eclipse install to find out other projects like e.g. jgit,, ... hold the same maven substructure which could problems.

I'm posting here so that project leads from all projects maybe recheck
their maven-tycho setup (if you are using CBI you don't have to!).


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