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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Update site content cannot be displayed in IE11


> I don't know if there is a recommended format, but my 2 cents are:
> From a release engineer's point of view, I'd rather generate the index.html
> statically as part of the build than rely on runtime javascript.

Bug 424691 may be of interest. At Code Recommenders, we use the solution
presented there to include an index.php [1] in our update sites, which
then does the content listing ( allows PHP). So this
solution falls somewhere between generating the list at build time and
generating it in the user's browser using JavaScript.

If there is a desire to establish a "recommended format", I think the
CBI project should offer something akin to our repository-resources
artifact which can be easily included in CBI (= Tycho) builds.

Hope this helps.



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