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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Update site content cannot be displayed in IE11

Hi Andreas,

Thank you for the script, we've applied it.

I cannot understand why this script isn't generated by Eclipse automatically
when you create a build. There is the problem that the default update site
includes invalid script, so every project should resolve this problem on
their own way.

Let's recommend to use this script as the standard output for the build
process. Who else is interested?

Best regards,
Igor Vinnykov
Subversive Team

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> I don't know if there is a recommended format, but my 2 cents are:
> From a release engineer's point of view, I'd rather generate the
> statically as part of the build than rely on runtime javascript.

Bug 424691 may be of interest. At Code Recommenders, we use the solution
presented there to include an index.php [1] in our update sites, which
then does the content listing ( allows PHP). So this
solution falls somewhere between generating the list at build time and
generating it in the user's browser using JavaScript.

If there is a desire to establish a "recommended format", I think the
CBI project should offer something akin to our repository-resources
artifact which can be easily included in CBI (= Tycho) builds.

Hope this helps.



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