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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Update site content cannot be displayed in IE11


Here are the warning and error (respectively) that that F12 Developer tools in IE11 say about the page:

HTML1527: DOCTYPE expected. Consider adding a valid HTML5 doctype: "<!DOCTYPE html>".
File: update-site, Line: 1, Column: 1
SCRIPT438: Object doesn't support property or method 'load'
File: update-site, Line: 14, Column: 4

The problem is that unlike what the page implies in a comment (“Use the standard DOM Level 2 technique, if it is supported”), according to an outdated Mozilla documentation page: “document.load() is a part of an old version of the W3C DOM Level 3 Load & Save module. Mozilla currently implements only the load() method and the document.async property.” The Load and Save module recommendation in turn says in section 1.3 Fundamental Interfaces:

“The interfaces within this section are considered fundamental, and must be fully implemented by all conforming implementations of the DOM Load and Save module.

A DOM application may use the hasFeature(feature, version) method of the DOMImplementation interface with parameter values "LS" (or "LS-Async") and "3.0" (respectively) to determine whether or not these interfaces are supported by the implementation.”

Unfortunately the code on the page doesn’t check whether this badly-supported and outdated DOM Level 3 API is implemented. It is interpreting support for DOM Level 2 to mean support for both. Mozilla recommends using XMLHttpRequest: “As of at least Gecko 1.9, this no longer supports cross-site loading of documents (Use XMLHttpRequest instead).”

Have a nice day,

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From: Igor Vinnykov
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One of our users reported the problem that the auto-generated update site cannot be opened in IE11. I see that when this URL is opened in IE11 the page is blank. When it's opened in FF then I can see everything like before - plug-ins and their versions. It seems that the script that generates page content on-fly isn't compatible with latest IE.


At the same time updates sites of other projects look differently -


The questions are:

1. How should we generate update sites to get content that can be displayed on all modern browsers?

2. Which update site format is up-to-date?


Any recommendations will be appreciated.


Best regards,

Igor Vinnykov

Subversive Team



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