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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Kepler SR3 for Java 8?

You seem to be saying that I don’t know how these releases are put together or who does the work. That’s low.


You are quite right that there is no consensus. It is quite sad to see this. There is lots of talk about needing to make ensure that Eclipse remains competitive, but when time comes to do something concretely towards that, there is little interest. Let there be no mistake, it is a bad completive position to have Eclipse ship official Java 8 support three months behind the competition. For developers immersed in Eclipse internals daily, it may not seem like a big deal to ask users to seek out and install various patches or to use a Luna pre-release build or to just wait, but average users don’t see it that way.


- Konstantin



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Yes, you have to remember, the Foundation doesn't put together releases, the projects do. And Mike is correct, there isn't consensus from the projects that a Kepler SR3 is warranted versus putting resources on Luna. The feature patch install is easy and just needs to be made more visible, as Mike is proposing to do.




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On 27/03/2014 1:28 PM, Konstantin Komissarchik wrote:

Well, it is more work, but it shouldn’t be a lot of work since the bulk of it is automated and I would think that the value to Eclipse community and Eclipse reputation would outweigh the investment.

My impression is that there is no consensus that a Kepler SR3 is desirable. That is part of the reason why we're proposing the steps outlined in my email from earlier today.

In any event, I think that posting on this thread was a mistake. I've started a new thread and will hopefully get some feedback on what the EF is proposing to do.

Mike Milinkovich

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