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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Kepler SR3 for Java 8?

If we make a push like this, it is clear statement that we believe that Java 8 support is ready for prime time, so why not go a step farther and put out a full release, so this is even easier for users to consume? Kepler SR2 would still be there in the archives if a user runs into a serious regression caused by Java 8 functionality.


Publicizing the current patch site better is good, of course, but that still doesn’t solve the problem of handling the required patches from other projects. We can create an aggregate site of these patches, as previously discussed, but users would have to use the update site manually and pick the patches to apply that make sense for their installation. For instance, if they don’t have WTP, it wouldn’t be good to try to install the WTP patch. For the same reason, a single Marketplace listing wouldn’t work.


- Konstantin



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On 27/03/2014 6:18 AM, Sven Efftinge wrote:

So IMHO this is not a stopper for having a more prominent download for the Java 8 support.

Just so everyone knows, the Eclipse Foundation is considering taking the following steps to raise awareness of our Java 8 support. This is coming partially as a result from feedback we got from this week's Javaland conference in Germany where a number of developers made it very clear that they had no idea that Eclipse supported Java 8 at all. Apparently only announcing these things on our internal lists isn't sufficient :)

Please note that all of this will be done with exactly what we have today. None of this will require any actions on behalf of the Eclipse, EPP or other teams.

  1. We are going to create a Community Bulletin announcing Java 8 support that will appear on our home page.
  2. We are going to create a web page which clearly documents how to get an install our existing Java 8 support for both Kepler SR2 and the Luna builds.
  3. We are going to put a banner on the downloads page (e.g. "Looking for Java 8 support?") which links to (2) above.
  4. We are going to create an (or update the existing) Eclipse Marketplace entry for the Kepler SR2 Java 8 feature
    1. This will allow a drag-and-drop install into a Kepler SR2 workbench.
    2. This will allow discovery and installation via the Marketplace Client (MPC).
  5. We are going to make this Marketplace entry a "featured product" which will make it visible on the Marketplace website and in the MPC.
  6. We are going to make the Java 8 support a "featured download" to give it some prominence on the download page.

We welcome any comments or feedback.

Mike Milinkovich

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