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[cross-project-issues-dev] Intention to provide GEF 3.9.2 maintenance release instead of 3.10.0 minor release for Luna

Hi all,

as we are currently spending all our work on the new GEF4 components (which are not included into Luna yet), there have only been two code-related changes to the GEF 3.x code base as part of the Luna release stream so far, namely:

These changes are on the maintenance level, i.e. they do not justify a minor version increment, all other changes we have applied so far do not affect our code base (there is one change, namely [418350] Reexport org.eclipse.core.runtime to fix error in IDE, which affects a plug-in manifest, but all other bugfixes are related to our releng infrastructure and/or documentation. As we do not expect additional changes that would require our API to change before M6, we would like to contribute a GEF 3.9.2 service release rather than a 3.10.0 minor release to Luna. 

As we have so far shipped 3.10.0 versions (up to M5), the consequence would be that we would have to decrease the version numbers of all our features to 3.9.2 from M6 onwards. As all fixes that are currently incorporated into 3.10.0 will be included in 3.9.2 as well, this should not have a large impact to adopters (it may however be that they would have to change their minimal version dependencies from 3.10.0 to 3.9.2). To prevent adopters to run into problems, could we ensure that all 3.10.0 features published so far could be removed from the aggregated sim-rel repo after M6? Are there any objections to this change?

Best Regards
Dr. Alexander Nyßen

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