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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] [HIPP] Visibility of Hudson configuration for anonymous users

I would suggest to upgrade HPP instances to Hudson to 3.1.* and enable Team Management authorization instead of Project Matrix Authorization. This has few advantages

- Sys Admins can be still be Eclipse IT
- Create Team Admins (Eclipse Project leads) who can manage team jobs
- Team admins can set job permissions for other team members
- Team admins can selectively set which jobs can be public and which one can be private

More details about Hudson Team Management is available here

Though Team Admin can set "Job Configure" permission, "Job View" permission can not be set as of 3.1.1. But that can be easily implemented for 3.1.2 which is expected to be released with in a month time frame.

- Winston

Anyway, yes Hudson always lets you activate a per-project (job) permissions and thus change permissions for a given user on a per job basis.

In my experience with Hudson permissions the permissions are additive, not subtractive. So if we globally set that Anonymous users can view a job configuration. You cannot remove that permission inside an individual job configuration.

For example all the Hudson servers allow anonymous users to view jobs globally, and it's not possible for a individual job to remove this permission. Even if you set anonymous read access unchecked in the job permissions matrix.

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