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[cross-project-issues-dev] [HIPP] Visibility of Hudson configuration for anonymous users

Hi all,

I often struggle to build (or setup a CI build for) eclipse projects. Sometimes, there is a wiki page about how to build the project, but it may be outdated or not complete. I often want to see how the project setup its jobs on hudson in order to know how I should properly build the project.

On the shared instance, it was possible for anonymous users but it is no longer available by default on HIPP instances. Project leaders have to install the Extended Read Permission Plugin ( by themselves and configure the additional permission for Anonymous.

I did it for EMF Compare (e.g. see, and I can ask individually to projects of interest to do it, but I think would be good to make it a rule to let anonymous users see the jobs configurations on HIPP. It should not be a choice let to the HIPP owners because I think the availability of how to build an open source project is an important criteria in order to consider it truly open.

Do not see this mail as a rant against projects that did not install this plugin. They may not be aware of the issue. I just would like to know your opinion. If you agree, I will open a bug about it to see how to make it real for all HIPP instances.

Best regards,

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