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[cross-project-issues-dev] Status and Outlook for M3: decision by 1 PM Eastern

There's been several last minute problems found with M3 and the testing, plans, and opinions are still being gathered and discussed ... mostly on epp-dev list and some in bugs such as
(and the bugs it refers to).

My intuition is we will still make available what we have ... with several warnings and caveats ... but want to allow time for others to "weigh in" on impacts of the problems, especially on bug 421801, and on epp-dev list -- and to complicate things I am mostly unavailable from around 10 to around 1 so easy to allow that time for committers to weigh in, rather than rush a decision right before I'm off-line for a few hours.

Sorry for the delay, but want to make sure we know what warnings and caveats to give, and not "break" too many people. Luckily, we are at only M3, where these types of problems are more likely and good we are finding them now instead of M7 ... but a few hours delay I think will be prudent, so we better understand the extent of the issues.


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