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[cross-project-issues-dev] Luna M3 is available -- but with 2 known issues

We have turned on the M3 Luna (composite) repository, at


1: there is one known issue that can result in an updated installation being unable to start, so if you use "Sirius" (directly or indirectly) please skim read following bugs reports to see if you should update to M3 or not ... or there may be updates to other repositories soon, if not already, that will allow a safer update.
Bug 421801 - M3 Hang during splash
Bug 421706 - Can't start Eclipse M3 after installing "everything"
Bug 421765 - org.eclipse.sirius requires AND reexports itself

If you are not sure, be sure to make a back up of your working installation first.

For this same reason, the "Modeling" EPP Package will not be available for M3.

2: There are some issues using EPP packaged "apps" on Macs. For discussion and some possible work-arounds, see
Bug 421816 - Unable to start Luna M3 EPP packages on Mac OSX Mavericks

The EPP downloads will be available soon, if not already, at

Despite the cautions and early problems, there's a lot of good, new stuff in M3 so I encourage everyone to give it a try and report any issues found.

Thanks to all for making this milestone available. We appreciate any and all early testing that committers and community can give it before we produce M4 on December 20th.

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