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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Heads up ... org.junit4 is gone from M6

Thanks for the really fast feedback!


I co-committed gave me the tip how to resolve this (thanks Félix!). The culprit was an additional Buckminster cspex dependency we had to introduce quite a while back for I don’t know any more for.


Anyhow, the current SWTBot version works for us, so we don’t need to switch to the newer for now.


Thanks again,



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On 03/08/2013 11:08 AM, Wenz, Michael wrote:



this indeed came at the right time, I just stumbled over that…


Unfortunatly I was not yet able to resolve that. The reason is that we (Graphiti) use SWTBot for our UI tests, and SWTBot test infrastructure has a dependency on org.junit4 (we use it via our GEF tests but as it part of the swtbot.eclipse dependencies this should also affect planin Eclipse UI tests):






Is anybody else having this issue? Do I overlook anything, especially how to resolve this?

This has already been resolved and latest SWTBot snapshot builds don't depend on org.junit4 any longer. Next release should happen later this month.

You only have a dependency to org.junit4 for your tests, it's not a blocker for simultaneous release as long as you don't depend on it in the features you contribute to simultaneous release. What you could do - unti SWTBot 2.1.0 gets released-, if you're using Tycho, is just to add to your test pom.xml a repository (such as Tycho) containing this org.junit4 bundle so it will use it for resolution, only for tests.


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