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[cross-project-issues-dev] Heads up --- Changes in Graphiti API

Hi all,


this is relevant for all users of Graphiti. In case you are not using it, please ignore this mail and sorry for the inconvenience.


While working on Bugzilla 352120 [1] we were forced to changes some public APIs of Graphiti. The changes will become effective for our Kepler M6 contribution of Graphiti 0.10.0. This affects the DiagramEditor area, so clients having subclasses diagram editor and related classes or calling methods from IDiagramEditor will be affected. The new feature we introduced allows clients to use diagrams not only in editors but also in views or standard UIs (e.g. popups). Details on this change are described in [4].


Comment 30 in the bug [2] provides an overview of the changes in the API and what should be used instead. Comment 31 [3] provides the download links both for an update site and a ZIP archive you should use to migrate your coding in order to compile against our M6 contribution.


In case of issues or further questions, please contact the Graphiti dev list (I cross posted the list in CC).














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