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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Wait ... don't release yet! ... delay one week, Friday 3/1

2013/2/22 John Arthorne <John_Arthorne@xxxxxxxxxx>
Since the new version of EGit was only introduced in RC3, that could only happen if someone changed their minimum dependency on EGit in their RC4 contribution. That seems unlikely but projects should speak up if they have that constraint. Markus mentioned the only project downstream from EGit was WindowBuilder so it looks like at least for the EPP packages we should be fine.

To be clear on what versions of EGit appeared in which Juno build, it looks like the following (which doesn't match what we thought in the call today):

Juno SR0 -> EGit 2.0
Juno SR1 -> EGit 2.1
Juno SR2 RC1: -> EGit 2.1
Juno SR2 RC2: -> EGit 2.1
Juno SR2 RC3: -> EGit 2.2
Juno SR2 RC4: -> EGit 2.3

that's correct (to be very precise SR2 RC4 was 2.3.0)


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