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[cross-project-issues-dev] Wait ... don't release yet! ... delay one week, Friday 3/1

After some painful conversation with the Planning Council members, the conclusion was to delay the release 1 week, but not do a full respin, to only revert the EGit contribution.

The plan is to redo the common repository and EPP packages, with the EGit contribution reverted to what it was in SR1, which I believe is identical to what it was in RC3. There are a few "technical tricks" I can try to accomplish this, so all other projects do not have to do any re-work ... just wait until Friday 3/1, before making your releases "visible".

It was not a easy decision, and arguments made for/against several alternatives, but ended up concluding that reverting seemed to be safest and least amount of re-work.

We recognize that many users will be "missing out" on the new features and bug fixes contained in the newer EGit versions ... and we know the EGit committers have been working hard to improve EGit, which is much appreciated ...  but we felt like the community has come to expect the EPP Package Service Releases and common update repo to be rock solid. We feared that respining with even the "latest" 2.3.1 version (instead of 2.3.0, which has the data-damaging bug) still carried risk associated with 'last minute' changes; that it too might have some bad bugs that simply have not been discovered yet. Unlikely, but, some risk. End-users who are willing too, can always install from EGit's own repository, and hopefully can improve the "incremental contribution" process for Kepler, which enables more early testing, with a steady ramp down of small changes.

The GEF and M2E bugs were also discussed. The M2E bug was perceived as a bug that could be addressed by the project's own update repo and "hot fix" process. The GEF issue is more complicated, can not be fixed by their own update site, exactly, since part of the damage already exists in SR1. We recommend to them to make their Kepler version be GEF 3.10, since various Juno versions will have some 3.9 and some 3.8; the differences in code are relatively minor, as I understand it, with the version change being the worst, and some adopters will have to work-around that, but it is feasible to live with it.

Apologies for the week delay, I'll keep you updated as Markus and I make progress on our fall-back efforts.


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