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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] error with org.apache.derby jar.pack.gz expected by CDO

Nicolas, apart from the IP implications, are your build problems solved now?

No. I could produce a RC3 build by manually installing the problematic bundle "org.apache.derby" into my target platform before invoking Buckminster. But this is a temporary hack, and not a viable long-term solution.

I tried changing my Buckminster map to fetch org.apache.derby from the CDO update site and the rest from Orbit. In my log I see Buckminster selects the org.apache.derby jar from CDO as expected, but then p2 fails saying that it couldn't find the org.apache.derby ".pack.gz" from Orbit.
So this looks like a bug in either Buckminster or p2. Or maybe a redirection somewhere along the way...

There was also a discussion on this list about pack.gz jars not being really packed. Maybe that's related?

Anyway, I still have no idea how to solve this problem.
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