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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] error with org.apache.derby jar.pack.gz expected by CDO

Am 09.09.2011 05:17, schrieb Ed Merks:

I consulted the powers that be (Janet/Wayne/Mike) and asked this question:

Suppose that project Y depends on project X and both have a p2 repository for their build results and project Y's repository composes X's repository (in the virtual sense of how p2 supports it via a link), is project Y redistributing project X and all project X's dependencies?  Does project Y therefore have to track all CQs filed by project X?  (Of course Y might depend on only a subset of X's features and that subset might not depend on the CQ's aspects.)

I got

1.       Yes
2.       No

You need a CQ if you make direct use of a library. An import statement in Java source, or a bundle reference or package reference in a manifest file are examples of a direct reference. Indirect references through another project's code do not require a CQ.

And finally

I agree.   While there’s a benefit to increased tracking, I’d be concerned that extending it beyond what we contemplate today would be an unreasonable burden on the Projects.

So unless MoDisco directly depends on these Orbit bundles (as outlined in the second answer), it doesn't require a CQ for everything for which CDO required a CQ.
Ed, thanks for clarifying this.

Nicolas, apart from the IP implications, are your build problems solved now?

Can somebody explain what causes the different pack results?



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