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[cross-project-issues-dev] error with org.apache.derby jar.pack.gz expected by CDO


The MoDisco build for Indigo SR1 RC3 is suddenly getting an error when materializing the target platform with Buckminster:

Indeed, there is no ".jar.pack.gz" in Orbit. There are only simple ".jar" there. But p2 is supposed to fallback to the jar when there is no jar.pack.gz.

But MoDisco depends on CDO which depends on org.apache.derby, and in the CDO update site that is referenced by our build, in <downloads>/modeling/emf/cdo/drops/S20110907-0210/artifacts.jar, I found :

    <artifact classifier='osgi.bundle' id='org.apache.derby' version=''>
      <processing size='1'>
        <step id='org.eclipse.equinox.p2.processing.Pack200Unpacker' required='true'/>
      <properties size='3'>
        <property name='artifact.size' value='4839649'/>
        <property name='download.size' value='1879328'/>
        <property name='format' value='packed'/>

I interpret this as meaning that org.apache.derby is expected to be packed. So I believe this is the cause for the error.

Apparently CDO packs the jar from Orbit in its own update site : <downloads>/modeling/emf/cdo/drops/S20110907-0210/plugins/org.apache.derby_10.5.1.1_201105231903.jar.pack.gz

I'm not sure what is the right way to fix this. Should CDO avoid repacking the jars from Orbit? Should MoDisco build using the Orbit jars from the CDO update site? What about when the same Orbit jar is required by several different projects?

Nicolas Bros
tel: 06 75 09 19 88
Mia-Software, 410 clos de la Courtine
93160 Noisy-le-Grand
.: model driven agility :.

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