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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Buckminster/Git Re: CDO RC1 contribution delayed to +3

Yes, it's another bootstrapping issue. Or chicken and egg, I dunno. I moved back to 3.6 for my Hudson build, but that wasn't possible for my local build because I'm reliant on Indigo tooling for that and 3.6 didn't seem to like M7. It does make me think that in an ideal world we would have blessed build infrastructure(s) based on the prior release. It would be a big improvement over current situation where we all aren't even aiming for the same moving target.

On May 19, 2011, at 12:36 AM, Thomas Hallgren wrote:

> On 2011-05-18 20:04, Miles Parker wrote:
>> Yeah, it's bizarre. Why do these things get so weird at exactly the wrong time? :)
> The most prominent reason is that you build your product using a build tool that hasn't been released yet. This tool cannot be more stable than the not yet released technology that it relies on, no matter how much we try to make it so. The platform that we build the latest Buckminster on (p2, egit/jgit, etc.) is still constantly changing. I'm convinced that we will have a good level of stability once Indigo is released.
> Don't get me wrong, I do very much appreciate all early adopters. You help immensely when your report new problems and we will do our outmost to help. We do however not have enough resources to throw ourselves into panic mode every time a build is failing.
> Regards,
> Thomas Hallgren
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