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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Status and outlook for Helios SR2, RC2

You didn't ask ... but ...

> I just realized that our RC2+2 build failed after 16 hours.
How long do they normally take. Please use the "timeout" plugin on hudson. There's a check box on a job's configuration page labeled "Abort the build if it's stuck". A good value is to set the maximum time to double the time it would normally take. And, normally, you'd want to check the "fail the build" if it times out ... so you get a failed notice, that something went wrong.

> ... if I may contribute CDO today ... May I or not?

Yes, you may, or not :) As a general rule, I recommend projects do not contribute after their +n day unless a) they need to fix a blocking bug, or to have a valid contribution (which for an RC build is tricky to weigh since we do want them to be true release candidates ... but, you will get a chance next week too. And b) you keep everyone informed, as you are doing. Thanks! It does depend on your own judgement of what you and your adopters need. We definitely don't want to limit anyone from doing what they need ... just to use care and recognize its downstream impacts (which can be good or bad, depending on the importance of the fix, vs. the cost of others having to respin, etc.). While I don't know details, since you "missed RC1", I'd say that also increases the importance of doing a contribution today.

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Date:        02/03/2011 03:45 AM
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Am 03.02.2011 09:36, schrieb Nicolas Bros:
>     So I have left the Helios aggregation builds enabled, if anyone has any last minute (+3) contributions?
> I am surprised. Don't you expect all +3 projects to contribute today? MoDisco is +3, and I was waiting until today for our final RC2 contributed build, in case a +2 project on which we depend updated their contribution yesterday.
> Is this not the right way to proceed?

I just realized that our RC2+2 build failed after 16 hours. Probably due to the disk space issue. Since I've missed RC1 already (for other reasons, my former releng just resigned) I would like to ask if I may contribute CDO today. I know that Modisco depends on CDO but it cold also be the case that a new CDO is needed because the Orbit versions have increased (no clue how that would affect the train). My new build would be available in ~30 minutes plus signing plus promotion/contribution...

May I or not?



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