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[cross-project-issues-dev] Status and outlook for Helios SR2, RC2

According to our schedules, Thursday is +3 day for Helios SR2 RC2, with final EPP Packages being created on Friday. So I have left the Helios aggregation builds enabled, if anyone has any last minute (+3) contributions?

Note that since the timing is pretty tight this week, I'll be looking to declare "done" sort of early on Thursday, such as 5 PM (Eastern), and with any luck, EPP packages could be ready Friday morning. So, be sure to say (early) if you will not be done by 5 PM (Eastern).

There is only one thing disabled in these Helios contribution files, that I can see:

 <features name="" versionRange="" enabled="false">

So, not sure if that is an oversight or just almost done to be finished on +3 day?

So far, there are 31 contribution files changed from SR1, out of 56 total contribution files ... so, good to see there are at least 56-31=25 high quality stable projects that do not even need to fix any bugs for this service release!  :)

Remember ... only two chances left ... RC3, and then RC4 is to be considered final, followed by a "quiet week" before GA. We are at the point where stability starts to be more important than fixing a few not-too-bad bugs, though I'm sure some teams will have some regressions or major bugs still to repair. Please use care in your choices, to avoid last minute stress (for me :)

Thanks to you all!

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