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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Status and outlook for Helios SR2, RC2

On 2011-02-03 11:21, Eike Stepper wrote:
Am 03.02.2011 11:03, schrieb Thomas Hallgren:
On 2011-02-03 07:37, David M Williams wrote:

So far, there are 31 contribution files changed from SR1, out of 56 total contribution files ... so, good to see there are at least 56-31=25 high quality stable projects that do not even need to fix any bugs for this service release! :)

Please note that not all projects need to change their contribution file in order to contribute fixes. Buckminster for instance, uses another approach. We have a b3aggrcon file that has no version restrictions. Instead, we contribute a repository that contains exactly what we want to push to Helios. We rebuild our contribution repository when we fix bugs. We do not change the b3aggrcon file.
That's interesting. So you create new repository content at the existing location/URL? Otherwise I guess you would have to update the b3aggrcon file for a new repo URL.

Yes. We replace our contribution repository.

Is it a problem that you don't trigger new aggregation if you don't touch the b3aggrcon file?

No. I think that particular build is triggered often enough anyway.

Would I be allowed to contribute a composite repository, which I already entertain and which points to all my Helios maintenance milestones?

The b3 aggregator will pick the latest feature that corresponds to the declaration in your b3.aggrcon. If you don't have a range present, then it will pick the latest found in your repository. The b3 aggregator just sees a p2 repository. It doesn't care if it's a composite.

- thomas

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