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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Xtext clients on the train


I think it's a bit nastier than that. You cannot even install a mix of Xtext 1.0 and Xtext 2.0 plugins, so if some important provider insists that their Xtext 1.0 tool is definitive, they block everyone else.
So we can't have that on the train. We must all move. It's generally the case that plugins that provide or use extensions are singletons so trying to make them coexist is a problem. It will generally be impossible to have two major versions support all clients since by definition, the reason for the major version increment is breaking APIs...
Obviously everyone on the train must move. I was considering off-train where there are a wide variety of user domains for added-value tools that are based on Eclipse. The problem occurs for these user communities if one of their added-value suppliers is unhelpful.


        Ed Willink

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