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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Xtext clients on the train

So, are you saying: if I have some Xtext 1.0 plug-ins and
I want to run them in an eclipse installation that has
Xtext 2.0 installed, it will not work?
Yes, exactly.
We discussed that at ESE, didn't we? ;-)

I think it's a bit nastier than that. You cannot even install a mix of Xtext 1.0 and Xtext 2.0 plugins, so if some important provider insists that their Xtext 1.0 tool is definitive, they block everyone else.
Migration shouldn't be too much work and we are actively helping other open-source Xtext consumers to migrate.
I can confirm that the migration for developers is very tractable; but that is no help for users.
So they should be able to provide both an Xtext 1.x and an Xtext 2.0 version.

Not easily. It is very inconvenient having to provide two variants of the path and spelling of INode throughout custom code.

While I appreciate that with foresight the idea of a compatibility layer may have seemed unreasonable. Now with hindsight I think it may prove much easier. Certainly the code that I have needed to change doesn't seem like it really changes significantly at all.


        Ed Willink

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