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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Xtext clients on the train

On Jan 18, 2011, at 3:15 PM, Scharf, Michael wrote:
>> Xtext 2.0 works with Eclipse Ganymede, but languages
>> developed with Xtext 1.0 won'T work with Xtext 2.0.
> So, are you saying: if I have some Xtext 1.0 plug-ins and
> I want to run them in an eclipse installation that has
> Xtext 2.0 installed, it will not work?

Yes, exactly.
We discussed that at ESE, didn't we? ;-)

> Why did you decide against using a new namespace for Xtext 2.0?
> In that case Xtext 1.0 and Xtext 2.0 based plug-ins could co-exist.

We considered the different options and discussed them not only with you but also with other users as well 
as the foundation (Wayne), my PMC lead (Ed) and Chris.

Coming up with a different namespace would have caused huge API changes and 
confusion. Also it would have duplicated all UI-contributions in an IDE. they would have had the same labels 
as long as we hadn't changed them. Lots of confusion.
Migration shouldn't be too much work and we are actively helping other open-source Xtext consumers to migrate.
So they should be able to provide both an Xtext 1.x and an Xtext 2.0 version. 


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