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[cross-project-issues-dev] Tips for faster/trouble-free builds on Eclipse build servers

If you're using any of the Eclipse build or hudson servers, feel free to employ the following tips to help your build finish faster.

->GETTING CODE: use the local filesystem to fetch code.  CVS is accessible via /cvsroot, SVN via /svnroot and git via /gitroot.  pserver and svnserve cannot compete with the local filesystem in terms of performance and "robustness".  The Git daemon is very robust; however, using the filesystem cuts out the middle man.

-> DOWNLOADING JARS: use  You won't get a faster download.

-------> The downloads area is mounted in the local file system, but you'll get better performance from since it has massive caches.

-> WORKING AREA: Do not use your Committer home directory as a working area.  *build accounts (hudsonbuild, wtpBuild, etc) have home directories on dedicated drives.  These are fastest, followed by /shared.

-> Temporary builds, even nightly ones, can be left (temporarily) on the build server's /shared area for download by the core team.  You will get faster downloads from compared to  As a reminder, /shared/technology is accessible from, /shared/tools is and so on.

------> However, builds for the general public must be promoted to and accessible via our mirrors!  See footnote [1] for more info.

-> CLEANING UP: Don't forget to clean up your workspaces/working directories once in a while, since these areas have limited disk space.



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