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[cross-project-issues-dev] Standard install location for builds on


First I should say that this is our first release aboard the eclipse train itself. Also, I am not using PDE to build. I work on a runtime piece that can be used on many platforms, so needs to maintain build files that are generic enough to built in any environment. I do have specific Galileo 'publishing' scripts, (in Ant, that build the features, sign the jars and generate the P2 repository) that I'm running manually, post-build for now.
I'm working on incorporating these tasks into my overall build publishing routines that run on the machine. To fully automate the whole process.

To do so I need an install of Galileo (SDK minimum) available on the build machine to access some of the tools. We are M+1 so it should be updated prior to our build. I could install one myself, manually, but I figure that since everyone is building, and seems to be using PDE for the most part that there must be a standard installation for the build that gets updated regularly (so that plugins are built using the latest tools/dependencies).

I'm wondering what that location is...?



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