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[cross-project-issues-dev] SDK Features for Galileo

If you are part of a project that produces "runtime function", please read on.

In an effort to support the growing runtime community at Eclipse many of the runtime related projects are producing "SDK" features which are being added to a new "EclipseRT Target Platform Components" category in the Galileo repository. The features in this category are explicitly for use by developers in creating a PDE Target Platforms. That is they are not necessarily features that people would deploy directly.

These features *can* be the normal features produced by a project if that makes sense to the developer community. It may also make sense to craft new features that gather together the various interesting elements of a project. It all depends on the consuming community. For example, Equinox is quite diverse and its consumers have configurations all over the map. Accordingly, the Equinox SDK feature includes *all* bundles produced by the Equinox project (you never know what someone will want) and includes their source. Someone wanting to develop an Equinox-based system adds the Equinox SDK feature to their target platform and develop/run/debug. Their final offering then includes a subset of these bundles.

We have been working with many of runtime related projects to produce these features and progress has been good. This message serves both as a reminder to those who already agreed to produce said features and a notification to anyone who was missed. Note here that "runtime" projects are NOT just those in the RT project. EMF, BIRT, GEF, ... all produce function that is useful in runtime scenarios from embedded to server to RCP.

If you have any questions or need/want help setting this up, let me know.


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