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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Standard install location for builds on

If you require the Eclipse SDK as a platform for building, why not just use PDE to do your builds?

If you want signing, packing, and p2 metadata generation for your update site, you can use Athena... it does all that and more, without having to maintain custom / manual scripts yourself.

As to multi-platform requirements, Athena runs on linux32 and 64, MacOSX Carbon, and Win32. It also includes Hudson integration on so you can monitor and control your builds. Here are the projects currently using it:

Athena uses a subset of the SDK for building, org.eclipse.releng.basebuilder. You can access it here, or fetch it from CVS yourself:


Eric Gwin wrote:

First I should say that this is our first release aboard the eclipse train itself. Also, I am not using PDE to build. I work on a runtime piece that can be used on many platforms, so needs to maintain build files that are generic enough to built in any environment. I do have specific Galileo 'publishing' scripts, (in Ant, that build the features, sign the jars and generate the P2 repository) that I'm running manually, post-build for now.
I'm working on incorporating these tasks into my overall build publishing routines that run on the machine. To fully automate the whole process.

To do so I need an install of Galileo (SDK minimum) available on the build machine to access some of the tools. We are M+1 so it should be updated prior to our build. I could install one myself, manually, but I figure that since everyone is building, and seems to be using PDE for the most part that there must be a standard installation for the build that gets updated regularly (so that plugins are built using the latest tools/dependencies).

I'm wondering what that location is...?


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