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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Status and Plans for Galileo Build

> When I do a full mirror build (which took 339 minutes) 

Whew, that Atlantic cable must have a kink in it :) 
I'll have to set up a home machine and try it over broadband .. 
but, then my ISV might cut me off for overuse :) 

> I get a lot of whines about not being able to 
> download some artifacts, for example:
> ...
> Unable to unpack artifact
> ...
> I'm tempted to assume that this is a network transient
> issue, rather than anything wrong with the particular
> contributions or with the builder, since David and Thomas
> have managed full builds.

Two comments about this. 

1: We have also gotten reports (from Portland) that some
bundles can't be retrieved, and not even the same as your report, 
which neither Thomas nor I see. 
So, hope everyone keeps testing, since could be some issues with 
P2 or mirror system that still cause some failures? 
On the build machine, we turn off mirroring, since otherwise, 
the disk right next door is purposely considered last, which 
is not what we want in that case. 

2. It might help (with intermittent network errors, as well as your 
lengthy mirroring-time) to specify -updateOnly. It is not as "pure" 
a test as a full retrieve, but I think would still find 99% of possible
errors from any particular .build submission. And, of course, it 
doesn't help the first time you run it :) 

Thanks for trying it out. 

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