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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Status and Plans for Galileo Build

> The new build is well documented at

Works well for headless -verifyOnly at least - I made a small
correction to the builder app name on the wiki page.

One thing to note - if you keep the <configs/> line in the file, it will default to processing a win32.win32.x86

When I do a full mirror build (which took 339 minutes) I get
a lot of whines about not being able to download some
artifacts, for example:

- mirroring artifact
Unable to unpack artifact
in repository file:/Users/ohurley/Projects/osstools/galileo/buckbuilder-tryout/build/mirror:
Problems downloading artifact:

I'm tempted to assume that this is a network transient
issue, rather than anything wrong with the particular
contributions or with the builder, since David and Thomas
have managed full builds.

I'd like to echo David's words of thanks to Rich and add my own
to Thomas for this build facility - good stuff guys!  Now, if we
could just create an Xtext editor based on the build model, we
wouldn't need to use XMI anymore ;)


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