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[cross-project-issues-dev] Status and Plans for Galileo Build

The good news is that the new builder that Thomas Hallgren has created
is capable of producing an update site (and finding errors) 
in about 30 minutes, instead of the previous 8 hours. This work has 
progressed far enough I have confidence that we should move to that 
builder as our primary one to deliver Galileo. 

The bad news is there's still a fair amount of work required to transition 
to it, 
and I've opened bug 272857 to track.

Output from one of the new build runs is available at

It is still the old "M6 content" but shows we now have ability for items 
to belong to 
more than one category, and it has a new "target runtime" category. 

I expect the remaining bugs and limitations to be fixed within a week, 
and that we'll get it integrated with Hudson within a week ... just barely 
in time for M7. :) 

The new build is well documented at
and there's no need for you to wait a week!
I'd suggest all "release engineers" to give it a try now. 
That is, anyone responsible for submitting a .build file, should get 
it set up locally and give it a try. 
You can see how it works, before you actually need 
to know how it works. If you use the "-verifyOnly" option, you can detect 
errors in your update site or features in about 5 minutes, even remote. 
In practice, I hope that everyone learns how to do this before you commit
any new .build file contents to HEAD. Hopefully, some of you might 
even writeup some simplified step-by-step instructions to do this 
(hint hint). :) 

If anyone wants to tweak category membership, I think that's fine to do 
now, but please 
refrain from contributing completely new content until we get the new 
build running 
in production mode. 

As always, comments, questions, and suggestions are welcome. 

Also, many thanks to Richard Gronback for the original builder. His vision 
actually modeling a build is still in use in the new builder, and I think 
that vision can improve the way we do and think about builds for years to 
Additionally, he pushed P2 as far as it could go in this direction, 
and thereby helped find (and fix) many issue in that area. 

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