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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Possible removal of Orbit all-in-one zip?


GMF uses the map instead of the zip to get the information they need and therefore the jars they need for their builds. Have a look at how they solved this and you should have no problem porting over to use the map instead of the whole zip. Just diff cdo.releng w/ gmf.releng and search for "orbit" or "orbitBundles".

You will also need to update your $regex in /www/modeling/emf/../build/_common.php in order to grab orbitBundles-*.map instead of the orbit-*.zip.

Eike Stepper wrote:
Oisin Hurley schrieb:
I'm using the Orbit All-In-One download in my builds (EMF: Net4j and CDO).
If you drop support for this zip, would that mean that I have to feed my
build pages with dozens of URLs instead of only one?

You could probably just use the map file with the HTTP locations in
it - this is what we are using in STP, rather than downloading the whole
I'm very unexperienced with map files (other than my own ones).
Does that mean I'd ave to checkout the Orbit artifacts from CVS and package them in my build?




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