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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Galileo Must Do's: How much Rules? - Results are in

I would also submit that this survey, while of some interest, doesn't really tackle the actual issue. In general, people agree we need some rules and prefer we don't sink into anarchy. Ok... is that anything we didn't already know?

I think the real issue at hand is what the particular rules are, rather than just whether or not we need more (or more strict) rules. People will be more likely to agree with making more/stricter rules if they actually agree with the new rules. People may even think we need more/stricter rules, but the changes to the rules they want may have nothing to do with what has been proposed (imposed) so far.

If I can hand-wave for a moment, I think that most people are in favour of rules that help with the organizational behaviour of the train so that we all know that the train is going where it's supposed to and when it's supposed to. Where there is contention in a lot of cases is because the rules are mandating new features (e.g. translation, capabilities), or force them to communicate information in some difficult to use way (i.e. all these XML files the project leads have to edit without good tooling).

In short, I think people aren't going to mind being asked to do incremental things that help ensure everything runs smoothly, but people are taking issue with being handed large parcels of extra work, especially when the benefit to them is low (other than getting to be on the train as reward for good behaviour). And they're especially taking issue because they weren't asked, they were just told. I don't think I blame them.


Chris Recoskie
Team Lead, IBM CDT Team
IBM Toronto

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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Galileo Must Do's: How much Rules? - Results are in


Given that the "we need stricter rule" votes (choice 5) and the "we already have more than enough rules" votes (choice <= 2) petty much cancel out, doesn't this in fact highlight that we are actually polarized on the issue of raising of the bar verses lowering the bar? I.e.., while it seems reasonable to argue that statistically we agree on 3/4, i.e., keeping the bar where it is, but to argue that the votes support continuous raising of the bar seems dubious at best.

Of course I should learn to shut up when it's futile, but silly me, I keep thinking about those small projects with only one or two people who
must-do everything...

We'll see how the council ends up handling enforcement of the rules, i.e., when push comes to shove...


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