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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Galileo Must Do's: How much Rules? - Results are in

+1. Past trains' planning have been more vocal when adding more the the Must Do list (or so it seems, looking back).

This year, perhaps because of the in-your-face nature of bugs vs. the simpler, less pervasive wiki signup pages or the oft-unused statement of participation [1], new Must Dos may have more like "Thou Shalt!" than "c'mon, ya'll?"

Could we (should we?) downgrade some of the more contentious Must Dos to Should Dos, and let projects decide for themselves if those items should be enforceable requirements or good ideas / suggestions?



In short, I think people aren't going to mind being asked to do incremental things that help ensure everything runs smoothly, but people are taking issue with being handed large parcels of extra work, especially when the benefit to them is low (other than getting to be on the train as reward for good behaviour). And they're especially taking issue because they weren't asked, they were just told. I don't think I blame them.

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