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[cross-project-issues-dev] Reminder that Orbit S-builds will be deleted soon

Say ... today? around noon?

There has been very few changes since the last S-build, but there's been some, but it's important everyone move to use this new, final "R-build" just to be sure we all consistently use the exact same version of these shared bundles, to be sure you use the officially IP-approved versions  for your release, and because it is the R-builds that are kept forever (for reproducibility), whereas S-builds are removed every year.

Removing the S-builds now is admittedly one of those slightly heavy-handed techniques of making sure everyone moves up for their final builds. (Plus, it makes our webmasters happy to see clean up going on here at the end of a release cycle :)  Hopefully everyone has already moved to the R-build, but if not, and if today is not a workable time for you to do so, just let us know (via this list) and recommend a time that you can safely live without the S-builds.

Trivia question of the day: what's the "R" stand for in Orbit R-builds?

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