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[cross-project-issues-dev] Bjorn "Knuckles" the Ganymede Enforcer asks a question about STP...

Title: New Page 1
Given that:
  1. STP has bad data in their feature files:
  2. STP doesn't yet sign or pack their jars (information from today's release review call)
    1. See items 13, 14
It almost seems like, that STP does not qualify under item 2 "have a mature build process". We're 12 days from the 'final released bits' date and 2 days from the 'final build date' and STP doesn't have a good build that conforms to the must dos and "plays well with others".

Are we going to vote them off the island?
- Bjorn

P.S. I really regret being the "heavy" here because I know that Oisin and the STP team are nice people, they are well intentioned, they are trying hard, but the facts are what the facts are.
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